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Leverage Enable Medicine's integrated platform to derive actionable insights and meet your program timelines.

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Understanding your drug and indication with high resolution
Enable Medicine's domain-level expertise, powerful data analytics, and state-of-the-art spatial biology lab reduce risk and increase probability of your program’s success .
Make decisions backed by deep insights and robust data interpretation
Tired of siloed data storage and disjointed analysis infrastructure? Enable Medicine bridges comprehensive cloud biodata infrastructure with best-in-class AI/ML research and methods for targeted biological discovery.
Deep, AI-powered insights to guide your drug development pipeline and improve trial design.
Uncover new mechanisms of action
  • What are the underlying molecular pathways and interactions associated with the observed therapeutic effects of this drug in this disease?
  • How does this pathway contribute to the progression of this disease, and can targeting it lead to novel therapeutic interventions?
  • Are there previously unrecognized cellular targets that play a critical role in the mechanism of action of established medicines like this drug?
Validate new targets
  • Can genetic or pharmacological manipulation of this target replicate the observed therapeutic effects seen in preclinical models?
  • What evidence supports the role of this gene as a viable therapeutic target, and how can its relevance be validated in disease models and patient samples?
  • Are there synergistic effects between targeting this target and existing therapies, and can this combination enhance therapeutic outcomes?
Develop new biomarkers
  • What molecular or cellular markers correlate with treatment response to this drug in patients with this disease?
  • Can circulating biomarkers, such as this biomarker, be identified and validated as indicators of disease progression or therapeutic efficacy?
  • How can imaging technologies and liquid biopsy approaches be employed to discover and validate predictive biomarkers for this disease?
Define therapeutic strategies
  • What combination therapies, involving this drug, demonstrate enhanced efficacy and reduced side effects in treating this disease?
  • How can precision medicine approaches be employed to tailor therapeutic interventions to patients with this disease?
  • What is the optimal treatment duration and dosage regimen for this therapeutic approach to achieve sustained therapeutic effects?
Design clinical trials
  • What patient populations are most likely to benefit from this therapeutic approach, and how can these subsets be identified for enrollment in clinical trials?
  • What are the most appropriate surrogate endpoints or biomarkers for assessing the efficacy of this therapeutic approach in early-phase clinical trials?
  • How can innovative trial designs be utilized to efficiently evaluate the safety and efficacy of this therapeutic approach in multiple patient cohorts?
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November 1, 2023
PEPSI: Polarity measurements from spatial proteomics imaging suggest immune cell engagement
November 1, 2023
A machine learning toolkit for automated processing of multiplexed immunofluorescence images
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Leverage Enable Medicine's integrated platform to derive actionable insights and meet your program timelines.
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