What if you could search biology?

We index and map biology to guide therapeutics discovery and development.
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Who We Are

Understanding biology to guide the future of medicine

Biology is immensely complex. As a society we’ve made tremendous advances in understanding the rules that govern physics and chemistry. Biology is the next frontier.

Our approach at Enable Medicine is to collaborate with the world’s leading researchers to construct highly detailed and searchable maps of complex diseases, making the exploration, navigation, and discovery of underlying biological rules possible.

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Operating System

A search engine for exploring disease, navigating patient care, and discovering new therapeutic hypotheses

Our integrated spatial biology lab and cloud-native biological operating system (BIOS) generates, integrates, and translates complex, multi-modal biological data into novel scientific and therapeutic insights.

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Applications & Collaborations

Mapping human biology at scale

We collaborate with researchers around the world to build this biological search engine, applying our high-parameter data generation and analysis pipelines across dozens of disease areas, including:

Atopic Dermatitis
Colorectal Cancer
Renal Transplant Rejection
Graft vs Host Disease
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Interested in collaborating with us to leverage the latest in high-parameter biological tools and uncover new biology, have a question about our platform, or something else? Please reach out!

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