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Bridging the most comprehensive cloud biodata infrastructure with best-in-class AI/ML research and spatial methods for targeted biological discovery.

Partner with Enable Medicine to rigorously integrate, interrogate, and interpret multimodal biological data.
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Empowering high-stakes, high-value drug research and development
We index and analyze vast, multimodal data to extract actionable biological insights
Build to optimize both biology and data science workflows, Enable Medicine’s platform infrastructure helps take your unorganized or siloed biological data from image to insight.
We map data across diseases and domains for unprecedented biological discovery
Enable Medicine integrates your high-resolution single cell data, relationship-aware spatial data, clinically-relevant metadata, and more, into a comprehensive biological atlas.
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We surface tangible insights from your data so you can make patient-relevant decisions
Enable Medicine’s AI-powered infrastructure and scientific expertise allow you to target your most critical research queries, including optimal patient stratification, indication selection, target identification, and more.
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Make the most out of your biological data with Enable Medicine
Uncover actionable insights from your multimodal biological data on the Enable Medicine Platform.
Biological atlas
Explore a unique multimodal atlas that integrates your proprietary biological data with extensive public datasets tailored to your research.
Actionable Insights
Reach your program goals with laser-focused insights, generated with Enable Medicine’s AI-powered analysis and domain-leading expertise.
Dynamic discovery
Biology is not static. Leverage rich, AI-powered search to intuitively explore and iteratively derive new insights from your biological atlas.
active collaborators across biopharma & academia
I have greatly enjoyed working with the amazing team of scientists at Enable Medicine! They have enabled us to generate high quality spatial biology data in a short period of time. More importantly, they have offered real-time, responsive and knowledgeable input regarding analysis pipelines.
Renu Dhanasekaran, MD
Stanford University
Working with the team at Enable Medicine has been a seamless collaboration. Their shared vision for spatial biology and applications for cancer and COVID-19 has been one of our team's highlights for 2021. A real-world example of team science and how to develop global collaborations.
Arutha Kulasinghe, PhD
University of Queensland
Our laboratory at UCSF has spent the past year establishing the first cutaneous immunospatial profiling database in close collaboration with Enable Medicine. Their outstanding technical and analytic expertise has proved critical in solving the challenges posed by the complex structure of human skin.
Raymond Cho, MD, PhD
diseases atlased across 75+ published studies
samples and over 1.32 billion cells indexed on the Enable Medicine Platform
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