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Accelerate insight discovery by generating, managing, and analyzing spatial biology data on the Enable Cloud Platform.
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What cancer subtypes overexpress PDL1?
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Infrastructure for empowering spatial biology research.
Run cutting-edge experiments, decrease costs, and accelerate time to insight. The Enable Cloud Platform provides a collaborative ecosystem and tools for generating, visualizing, and analyzing many biological image formats.
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An atlas for guiding biologic search.
Our vision is a world where you can perform semantic search across aggregated datasets; where patient metadata and spatial properties are queryable. We are organizing and centralizing high-parameter biological datasets to build searchable maps of human disease that can augment your research.
The Enable Cloud Platform
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Your end-to-end spatial biology analysis suite running on our cloud operating system.
Traditional spatial biology workflows involve moving data between slow and disconnected tools. Enable’s BIOS combines no-code applications and data science environments that facilitate end-to-end spatial biology workflows on the cloud. BIOS significantly decreases the time to generate insights from image data.
Are you a bioinformatics software or package developer?
Reach out to our team to discuss our developer toolkits and how you can build and deploy your app on the Enable Cloud Platform.
An image representing an Atlas of biological knowledge
An image representing an Atlas of biological knowledge.
Your cloud database for indexing and integrating biological data into searchable maps.
When biological data is stored across multiple hard drives, file systems, and networks, data becomes difficult to access, query and utilize. Enable’s Atlas solves this by centralizing and indexing all of your biological data in your own private and secure database.

The Atlas database design makes it easy to index and search biology so researchers can leverage greater amounts of data to generate novel biologic insights.
An image representing an Atlas of biological knowledge
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Your cloud lab for generating spatial biology data.
Access to spatial biology expertise and instruments can be costly and limited. With Enable’s cloud-automated wet lab, we can provide anyone with the ability to generate high-parameter image data.
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Collaborate with colleague and researchers
Craft studies and share research in a truly collaborative and accessible manner.
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Host, manage, and analyze multi-modality data
Go beyond just analysis. Host and manage your studies, experiments and data all from one platform.
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Best-in-class for an affordable price
Work with cutting-edge technology as one of the most competitive prices.
Upload your own image data for analysis.
Our platform enables you to upload and analyze image data across both high and low-plex assay types.
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Collaborate to find novel insights
Check out our highlighted research to see how scientists are leveraging the Enable platform to perform breakthrough science.
Graph deep learning for the characterization of tumour microenvironments ...
Activating immune recognition in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma using autophagy inhibition, MEK blockade and CD40 agonism.
Single-cell transcriptomic census of endothelial cell changes ...
A tissue atlas of ulcerative colitis to guide TNF inhibitor therapy.
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See how others are accelerating their workflow with Enable Medicine
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Renu Dhanasekaran, MD
Stanford University
I have greatly enjoyed working with the amazing team of scientists at Enable Medicine! They have enabled us to generate high quality spatial biology data in a short period of time. More importantly, they have offered real-time, responsive and knowledgeable input regarding analysis pipelines.
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Arutha Kulasinghe, PhD
University of Queensland
Working with the team at Enable Medicine has been a seamless collaboration. Their shared vision for spatial biology and applications for cancer and COVID-19 has been one of our team's highlights for 2021. A real-world example of team science and how to develop global collaborations.
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Raymond Cho, MD, PhD & Jeffrey Cheng, MD, PhD
University of California, San Francisco
Our laboratory at UCSF has spent the past year establishing the first cutaneous immunospatial profiling database in close collaboration with Enable Medicine. Their outstanding technical and analytic expertise has proved critical in solving the challenges posed by the complex structure of human skin.
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