Enable Medicine Platform

Surface actionable insights from your multimodal biological data and conduct deeper discovery towards patient outcomes and your program goals.
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How it works

Our scientists help you upload and organize your unstructured datasets to a private and secure workspace in the Enable Medicine Platform. From there, we construct a tailored data atlas, curating your proprietary data, relevant public datasets, and additional acquired data orchestrated by Enable Medicine.
Our researchers use a combination of industry leading and novel annotation tools to contextualize your uploaded data, for seamless interpretation and to power downstream analysis.
In line with your research objectives, Enable Medicine scientists apply cutting-edge methods to your data atlas, surfacing actionable insights to drive towards your research objectives.
In the Enable Medicine Portal, access and interact with all of your organized data, annotations, and insights.
Conduct iterative search and discovery, powered by AI. As you uncover new insights, this further enriches your atlas with every layer, from raw data to annotation to insight.
Learn how programs are using the Enable Medicine Platform to advance drug research and development.
The Integrated
Data-to-Insights Platform
Enable Atlas: A vast array of structured biological data at your fingertips
Easy data access
One platform for all of your permissioned data, instead of siloed systems specific to a single data modality or assay
Proprietary data atlas, shared with your team members
Pre-organized data to expedite your research process
Optimized for discovery
Comprehensive sourcing and curation of public as well as off-the-shelf private datasets
Expedient generation of proprietary data in high-value indications
Future-proof data management resource, with continuously expanding data archive and dynamic visualization tools
Enable Insights: Best-in-class AI/ML methods and scientific expertise
Domain-leading scientists
In-house experts, developing and leveraging proprietary AI-powered toolkit to surface insights with precision and speed
Specialization in graph neural networks, spatially informed analysis, foundation models for biology, and more
Best-in-class analysis methods
Rigorous benchmarking to select the right model for the right task
Interpretable and explainable models—not black box
Continuous method and model development for richer data annotations and insights every day
Version-tracking to access historical insights and improvements
Interactive insights reports
Generated insights reports to visualize analysis results
Audit analysis results and data lineage for full transparency
Plot modification for continued discovery
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