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Where we started

"What if you could search biology?” It’s ostensibly a very simple question. After all, we have years, decades even, of searchability in many parts of our lives. In less than ten seconds you can easily find the five closest coffee shops to your current location, because a number of organizations have created digital maps of the world, identified and labeled objects like “coffee shop” on those maps, and made these maps easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

Biology has been much harder to search. This is true for many reasons: it’s incredibly complex, we don’t always know what we’re measuring and if it’s relevant, we don’t have consistent labels like “coffee shop” across datasets, there isn’t a centralized organization that indexes all of this complex data in one accessible place, etc. Our team has lived this problem in many contexts: trying to make sense of high-complexity biological datasets while in academia; building searchability across other datasets at large technology companies; poring through disparate, unstructured, un-linked datasets to guide an investment decision around a therapeutic target.

Who We Are

Where we're going

Imagine a world where we made biology just a bit more searchable: one where you could query a complex biological dataset in just a few seconds much like you search for a coffee shop today. Imagine if you had a complete, searchable, systems-level view of biology: a cellular blueprint of human health and disease. Imagine the speed at which you could move from complex data to new biological hypothesis to testing that hypothesis to potential patient impact.

That’s what we’re building at Enable Medicine: a search engine that helps us decode highly complex biology, ushering in a new generation of high-impact therapies for patients, and ensuring we maximize the impact of each dollar spent on a drug.

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