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What questions can Enable Medicine help me answer about my biological data?

The Enable Medicine platform supports both targeted discovery as well as broader research. Some specific topics and questions that we help our clients answer include:

Target Identification

- What are potential novel targets for indication X, and can a target yield a lead?

Patient Stratification

- Can you develop a novel RUO/IUO biomarker to predict response to our candidate?

- What clinical history & diagnostic features predict response to our candidate?

- What biological signatures stratify therapeutic response in patients treated with therapy Y?

Indication Selection

- Based on broad Ph1 trial, can you narrow the indication predicted to have the best response?

- What indication has highest PTRS as follow-on indication for our asset?

- Can you develop a predictive biomarker?

Therapeutic MoA

- What is the therapeutic MoA for a treatment in indication X?

What does Enable Medicine do?

Enable Medicine helps biopharma and academia organizations activate multimodal biological data with AI to produce targeted insights for pipeline development and therapeutic discovery.

Supported by an integrated data-to-insights platform and top-of-the-field scientific expertise and AI methods, Enable Medicine partners with teams to organize, analyze, and interpret their biological data, targeting critical questions in their research, and powers continued discovery on proprietary and public data with AI.

What industries does Enable Medicine serve?

Enable has over 200 active collaborators across industry-leading biopharma, academic, and other healthcare organizations.

We help scientists in high-value programs scale their R&D capabilities and accelerate pipeline success. With the Enable Medicine platform, clients are able to accelerate time-to-insight, better understand their drugs and indications, and uncover insights that optimize therapeutic development success.

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