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Free Academic Tier
/ seat / year
What's included?
  • Upload, index and analyze your own image data.
  • View your images in the Enable Visualizer
  • Generate new spatial biology insights with the Enable Explorer
  • AI chat support
Premium Academic
/ seat / year
/ seat / year
What's included?
  • Do everything from the Free tier plus...
  • 10 hours of hands-on scientific support from our Spatial Biology experts.
    • Includes emails, calls, and custom analysis
  • Software support
Workbench Access
Starting at $1200 per seat
/ seat / year
What's included?
  • Available for all plan types
  • Gain access to computational analysis tools for deeper data analysis and insights.
    • Create your own or use pre-fabricated R or Python custom data analysis methods.
  • Access scientific support from Enable Medicine's in-house scientists.
Plan Add-on
Expand your spatial biology insights now with Portal.
Get Started
Data Upload and Indexing
Index your data into your own fit for purpose biological database (ATLAS).
Database Dashboards
View and manage studies.
Create and configure a new study or view details for existing studies
Data Importer / Processesor
Use our internal processing pipelines to import data for your experiments.
Visualizer App
View and compare regions, biomarkers, annotations, and more.
Analyzer Apps
Enable Medicine's collection of integrated analysis and annotation apps, available directly on the platform.
Explorer App
Generate data visualizations and statistical analyses of your cell annotations, stratified by the metadata you provide.
Insights App
Store plots and images generated in the integrated RStudio Workbench environment.
Data Manager
A centralized hub to keep all your study and experiment data organized.
Group Manager
Manage user access and permissions for scientists in your group (Group Admin-only).
AI Support
Leverage our AI-powered Platform assistant to answer scientific questions and learn how to use the product.
Software Support
Technical support for conducting scientific research on the platform.
Scientific Support
Scientific support from Enable Medicine scientists and engineers.
Included iconIncluded iconIncluded iconIncluded iconIncluded iconIncluded icon
Requires Workbench
Included iconIncluded iconIncluded iconNot included iconNot included icon
Premium Academic
Included iconIncluded iconIncluded iconIncluded iconIncluded iconIncluded icon
Requires Workbench
Included iconIncluded iconIncluded iconIncluded iconIncluded icon
Let's chat about what we can do for you.
/ seat / year
Contact Sales
What's included?
  • Tell our sales team about your spatial biology needs.
  • Sign up for a spectator/demo account
  • View and interact with published data
  • View images in the Visualizer
  • Plot existing data in Explorer
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